We've put an emphasis on infusing all of our edibles now with raw THC distillate - so why does that matter?  And what does that mean for you?  

          THC distillate is an ultra refined cannabis concentrate.  We were the first MMIP kitchen in Colorado to use distillate in edibles, and there's some good things to know about the distillate edibles.  Unlike a typical food grade hash oil found in most edibles, the distillate we use is:

  • Solvent free, dewaxed, and extremely refined through molecular distillation

  • Free of numerous plant by-products found in unrefined concentrates

  • No cutting agents of any kind used

  • Fully activated THC

  • No hashy or plant taste like many cannabis concentrates

Bulk raw distillate before going into Robhots Gummies.

Bulk raw distillate before going into Robhots Gummies.

          Using a concentrate that is for the most part tasteless, and lacking a typical hash taste, really allows for the flavor of the gummy to come through.  Not only are our new edibles great tasting, but they're extremely consistent from batch to batch using our new recipe and distillate as our concentrate.  Take confidence in eating a Robhots Gummy knowing that you're eating an extremely high quality edible free of any solvents, plant by-products, or any other unwanted materials - that is also extremely consistent.

          Please let us know what you think of our gummies - on social media, this website, or by email at contact@robhots.com!  It will help us better serve you in the future, and allow us to continue to make great products for you.  Thanks for the support!