Starting July 1, 2018 we're excited to announce we'll have some new dosages in our MED gummies!


For starters, we're phasing out our 125mg single serve gummies and will no longer be making them.  We've found that the majority of Colorado prefers to have a multipack gummy where they can precisely dose themselves, as well as having multiple flavors within the pack.  They were our start, and we're sad to see them go, but we're excited about the new flavors and products we'll be able to focus on!



We're excited to announce maybe our biggest change on the MED side - we're upping our 180mg multipacks to 200mg!

For a number of reasons, we've decided to up our three flavor multipacks up to 200mg that will still consist of the same great flavors you know and love, but will now be made up of ten 20mg gummies. 

We'll still have Berries, Citrus, Fruits, Reds, and Tropical year round, and will be adding more seasonal flavors to the mix!  Catch our Summer Seasonal we have June thru  September - Independence!  It's a red, white, and blue pack that has blueberry, lemonade, and watermelon gummies.  Sure to be a hit at the cookout!  From October thru March we have an Apple Pie pack - cinnamon apple gummies finished in cinnamon sugar.  The perfect gummies to curl up next to the fire with!

  A look at the new Robhots Fruits 200mg multipack gummies.

A look at the new Robhots Fruits 200mg multipack gummies.


We love making new flavors and testing things out.  If you ever have a flavor suggestion of your own, or feedback on any of our current flavor lineup, please reach out to us with an email to